Tech Specifications

Technical reference for connecting to and using Web-ster services:
Mail & News
Incoming and Outgoing Mail Server -
Username Format - Full E-Mail Address Example:
News Server -
Dial-Up Numbers - Redland/Oregon City 503-631-8638
U.S.A. Wide - Please click here to search for numbers

DNS Servers
Primary -
Secondary -

Web Space and FTP
FTP Server -
Web Space
Note:To activate your Web space, please call support at 503-631.4357.

Network Notes
DHCP/ - Web-ster uses Option 82 of the DHCP protocol. Please release IP addresses before switching the network connection to a device with a different MAC address.
Note: This is only required when switching the network connection without shutting the original device down properly, or when the device does not automatically release IP addresses on shutdown.

NetBIOS Ports - In order to protect our customers from virus attacks that come from outside the Web-ster network, Web-ster filters all NetBIOS ports (135-139 and 445) coming in from and going out to the Internet.

Port 25/ SMTP - In order to prevent computers infected with viruses from sending out unsolicited e-mails and furthering virus propagation, Web-ster filters port 25 going out to the Internet.