Internet Service Add-ons

Add on services allow you to customize your account to meet special needs you may have. Below are items you may add to your Webster Internet account.

Additional Email Address
Each Webster account includes 5 email addresses. Need additional e-mail addresses for your family or small business? Get the same great features and Web Messaging access with our extra e-mail.
Extra email addresses: $0.50 each per month - $5 Setup fee

Additional Web Space
With Webster you receive 100MB of web space with every account! An average personal web site is less than 500k in size. If you need more, no problem - just order additional web space.
Monthly fee $5.00 per 100MB added - Activation fee $5.00

Domain Hosting
You can create your own "dot com" identity on the Internet with Webster Domain Hosting! We'll help you find a domain name and make sure your domain is configured correctly by taking care of the registration procedures for you. With domain hosting through Web-ster, you will also get a customized e-mail address. You have the freedom to pick! Domain Hosting Includes:

One customized e-mail address (
100MB of webspace

Monthly Fee $10.00 - Activation fee $105.00*
*Activation fee includes $75 for 3 year name registration with Verisign for a .com, .org., or .net address. Other extensions may be more. If you have already registered your domain your activation fee will be reduced to $30.