Email Trouble Shooting

To troubleshoot some common problems associated with e-mail, check the following:

Invalid Password

If you are receiving an Invalid password or Authentication Failed error message, you may need to verify or unlock your account password. To do so, please go to and enter your username, password, and the characters EXACTLY as displayed, then click 'Unlock.'

If you are still unable to log into your email account, please contact Support at 503-631-2345 for immediate assistance.

Returned Undeliverable

Suspicious E-mail
When you receive an e-mail from an unknown sender, it should be considered suspicious. The e-mail could contain a virus and should not be opened. If the e-mail appears to be from an unknown sender, you should delete the e-mail and remove it from your system. Remember that when you delete an e-mail from your Inbox, it is moved to your Deleted Items folder. To remove the e-mail completely from your system, you must empty the Deleted Items folder: Right-click the Deleted Items folder and then select Empty 'Deleted Items' Folder.

Cannot Connect to Host
This is an example of an error received while checking e-mail. The reason for the error is that the host was input incorrectly. Check the host name and enter the information from your email host.

Viruses & Spyware
Viruses and Spyware are two of the largest problems facing Internet users today. Viruses and Spyware can cause performance problems on your computer, and can also contribute to the loss of important files and personal information.

To combat computer viruses, we recommend that you use a virus filtering program. We offer MySecurity, a comprehensive security solution that keeps out hackers, viruses, worms, fraudulent emails and other threats. We also recommend that you regularly update the software (on a weekly basis, if possible), in order to keep up with the latest viruses.

To help prevent the effects of spyware, you can install and run a number of free utilities that are found on the Internet.