Solving DNS Problems

DNS controls how servers around the world communicate with each other. In the event that DNS fails to communicate the correct route to a server you may encounter errors like Host Not Found, or The Domain Name, xxx, could not be found. In the event that you encounter a DNS error message:

Check the address and try again. Most commonly, these errors are caused by typographical errors in a domain name. For instance, if was accidentally entered as, DNS would be unable to find the server since does not exist.

The host's server could be unreachable due to an outage. In this case you could contact the site's administrator to make sure they are aware of the problem, or wait and try again later.

One uncommon form of this problem can be caused by DNS caching. This is usually only a problem if the host has recently moved and DNS still has a record of an old address. There are a few things you can try before contacting technical support.

Make sure your connection settings are configured with the correct DNS servers.
Restart your computer. If the DNS caching is occurring on your machine a restart should clear the problem.