Donations and Sponsorships

Clear Creek Communications will consider making donations or sponsorships to a variety of organizations and programs that promise to provide benefit for the cooperative's membership and community. We regard partnerships with local nonprofit organizations as an important investment in the future of our community and the vitality of our company.

Who May Apply for a Donation or Sponsorship
Tax-exempt, nonprofit organizations are encouraged to apply for a donation or sponsorship. Contributions are not generally given to individuals for travel or travel-related expenses, or to organizations based outside of the local community.

How to Apply for a Donation or Sponsorship
Please provide a description of the event or project and how the requested donation will be used. Please explain how the donation will benefit the community. Be sure to include the name of the organization, including a contact name and number; and the total amount of the donation requested. Also please detail how Clear Creek will be recognized as a sponsor. Requests may be mailed to:
Clear Creek Communications
ATTN: Jay Henke
18238 S. Fischers Mill Road
Oregon City, OR 97045