Repair Service

If you are having problems with your television services please see our Television Trouble Shooting page before contacting Clear Creek Communications Repair Service.

"Adult at Home" Policy
Clear Creek Communications policy is that our installers and technicians will not enter your home to perform any work if a responsible adult is not present. This policy is essential to protect both you and our employees.

Clear Creek Communications uses the best electronic equipment and workmanship available to provide our customers with reliable service and high quality picture and sound. Our technicians must periodically test and occasionally repair our cable equipment throughout the cable system. Cable repair may cause a temporary loss of cable service to an entire neighborhood known as a "maintenance outage." If your cable is not working properly, please contact Repair Service. We will work as quickly as possible to restore service.

Clear Creek Communications will repair and/or replace the equipment we use to provide your cable service at no charge. If you are experiencing problems, contact Repair Service to schedule a service call. We do not repair personal equipment such as VCRs and televisions.

The converter/descramblers and remote controls we provide to our subscribers are and remain the property of Clear Creek Communications and must be returned if service is discontinued for any reason, or if Clear Creek Communications wishes to exchange them. Failure to return a converter and remote control or damage of a converter or remote control may result in a charge being made against your account. We will replace or repair your converter at no charge in the event of failure due to normal use.