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Cooperatives — Democracy In Action

Clear Creek Communications is a cooperative providing telephone, Internet, and television services to members in the Redland area of Oregon City, Oregon.

Did you know that cooperatives have a 5,000-year history, dating back to the ancient Egyptian craftsman associations? That Benjamin Franklin started the first cooperative in America? That today more than 1.2 million rural Americans receive their local telephone service from a telephone cooperative?

Clear Creek Communications is part of this rich democratic heritage, perhaps best exemplified by the board of directors, which operates much the same way as legislatures of democratic governments in that the cooperatives' elected board is responsible to the members. The subscribers/members actually own the company and elect a board of directors that sets policy to represent members' interest and ensure the company's success.

18238 S Fischers Mill Road (Click on the address to view a map) Oregon City, OR, 97045

Telephone Numbers:

  Business Office 503.631.2101
  Repair 503.631.2345

Business Hours:
  Monday - Friday  8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.